Solar Farm Protection

Mulder-Hardenberg has recently been awarded the project for securing the perimeter of a solar farm in western Europe.

This is the largest solar power generation facility in the Benelux. The project covers two main sections of the solar farm where 55,500 solar panels are sited with a total perimeter distance in excess of 5km.

The benefits of Fiber Technology include its cost effectiveness, its flexibility and the fact that the installation process is very simple and does not require any power in the field - just the sensor cable mounted on the fence itself - plus the local technical support capability through Mulder-Hardenberg’s nearby office.

Our customer said: “We chose Mulder-Hardenberg when you look at the total security picture, their pre-sales support combined with the cost effectiveness of the system delivered an architecture that allows us to have a quality intruder detection solution that can be monitored remotely as well as on site.
Also the fact we could have all of the control equipment in one central location and indoors was very important to us. Being fibre optic of course also gives us the confidence that lightning will not cause us any problems which is very important as the site is quite exposed and will be vulnerable to storms.”

Véronique Vanloon of Mulder-Hardenberg said: “Our own demonstration system was a crucial part of us winning this project by allowing us to show the customer all the features of the system in a working environment so they could see exactly what they would be getting.”

About the Solar Farm Project

The Solar Farm provides 15 Megawatt of power at its peak from more than 55,500 solar panels. The site is a reclaimed gypsum quarry that has been filled, capped and landscaped so none of the panels can be seen from ground level.


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