News Mailers

Year Month Subject Items
2017 October Customised access control, Honeywell TDC 3000, Touchpads
  • Keypads for applications with disabled users
  • Extending service life of Honeywell TDC 3000
  • Touchpads developed for industrial or hygienic applications
2017 September Coax Connectors, Field attachable Connectors & Power Supplies
  1. Custom Coaxial Connectors
  2. Connectors overmoulded with plastic coupling screw/nut
  3. New 35W triple output power supply: CUT35 & the 75W CUT75
  4. Save the date for the IT Room Infra 2017
2017 September Datacentre PDU, LAN access point, Cord storage panel
  1. Prevent downtime due to PDU failure
  2. LAN Access Point transmit wireless data at speeds up to 867 Mbit/s
  3. Clever 2U Patch Cord Storage Panel
  4. IT Infrastructure Datacenters Event 2017
2017 September Access with NFC - Stainless Steel IPCs
  1. Access Control with NFC
  2. S-Line Industrial IP65 Panel PCs
  3. Save the date! IT Infrastructure Datacenters Congress 2017
2017 August Resistors, Relays and Industrial Power Supplies
  1. Aluminium housed Arcol Resistors
  2. Pickering High Density Relays switching up to 10 Watts
  3. New 3200W industrial power supply
2017 July Networking and Cable Management News
  1. A new twist on reversing polarity
  2. This switch enables data transmission up to 2.5 Gigabit speeds
  3. Halogen free Fiber Optic Ducts for a safe and flexible solution
  4. Visit us at the IT Room Infra
2017 July Solutions in challenging environments
  1. The IoT- or Industrial 4.0 router
  2. Rugged monitors for demanding environments
  3. Stainless steel Panel PCs & Displays, Ex certified
  4. Save the Date: 28 & 29th of November 2017, Data Centre World Frankfurt
2017 June New Power Supplies & SSR
  1. Level VI efficient medical 300W external Power Supplies product launch
  2. Power supplies for almost every industry
  3. Opto22 offers a complete line Solid-State Relays
  4. ETRI – Manufacturer of high quality fans and blowers, has a new website
2017 June Power Distribution & Fireproof Cable transmission
  1. Maintenance-free fire-resistant cable transmission
  2. Release of Geist Upgradeable (GU) Metered Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  3. Flexible, energy and cost efficient power distribution you can rely on!
2017 April Hygiene-PC, Port Extender and easy scrolling
  1. New DisplayPort HDBaseT-Lite Extender
  2. Hygiene-PC with more operating comfort
  3. Easy scrolling & rolling
2017 April Relays, Power Supplies and Prototyping Boards
  1. The quietest modular 1500 watt power supply in the world!
  2. More reed relays on less board area
  3. Prototyping Products
2017 April Fiber Tools
  1. Gel Pad Cleaner
  2. MPO/MTP Loopback
  3. Retrospective DCW London
2017 March Ergonomics, Network Security and Flexibility
  1. Five Fundamental Security Features your Industrial Assets Must Have
  2. 720-serie Keypads
  3. New 38 mm IP68 ergonomic Trackball
2017 March Professional Enclosures and ruggedized cables
  1. Industry 4.0 - IoT
  2. Test Rig
  3. Light-Low DIN rail enclosures
2017 February Networking & Powerful Cable Management
  1. Industrial HiVision 7.0 Network Management Software
  2. 25-Year System Warranty on components and labour!
  3. Defem Mesh Trays
2017 February Industrial Interfaces
  1. Modular Industrial Monitors
  2. Ever thought of using a Raspberry Pi for real-world monitor or control?
  3. S60 Access Keypad with integrated Card Reader
2017 January Components for professionals
  1. DIN rail power supply for demanding applications
  2. M12 Field attachable connectors
  3. Veronex Boxes
2017 January Smart Solutions in Data Centres
  1. Hirschmann SPIDER III Unmanaged Switches
  2. F-Tube Cabling Systems for Data Centres
  3. Universal over the top outlet for YellowDuct & steel duct
2016 December Solutions and Wishes
  1. Stainless Steel IP69K closed PanelPC
  2. MIL-spec PanelPC
  3. Rubber Keyboard with mouse button
  4. Best wishes for 2017
2016 November Electronic Engineering Solutions
  1. Prevent accidental and vibration power disconnects
  2. New robust cable marking printer
  3. TDK power for energy storage


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