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Intrusion Detection System for Communication Infrastructure

The FiberPatrol FP5100-X advanced intrusion detection system is specially designed to promote physical security of fiber-optic data links and other cable infrastructure. The FP5100-X utilizes existing fibers to detect and locate tampering with a fiber-optic cable anywhere along the cable’s pathway.

Designed to sense minute vibrations, movement or other physical disturbances within a fiber network, the FP5100-X detects an intruder before communication is compromised. Due to high detection sensitivity, the system protects all fiber strands in the cable as well as the other cables in a tight bundle. The system reports precise locations of intrusion attempts to facilitate prompt countermeasures.

The FP5100-X system offers all of the key benefits of the FiberPatrol X technology, including long-range sensing capability, pinpoint location accuracy, detection of multiple simultaneous events, and cable cut immunity.


Physically Secured Data

  • Physical protection for sensitive data links
  • Early-warning detection of data tapping
  • Helps limit accidental or malicious damage
  • Conforms to any network topology
  • Works where visual inspection is impractical
  • Proximity monitoring for entire cable bundle
  • No interaction with data traffic
  • Retrofit deployment on existing networks
  • In active use protecting classified and top-secret data links

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